Thursday, November 1, 2007


This tropical greenhouse at Missouri Botanical Garden reminded me of
Buckminster Fuller's head on a recent stamp of the day. The greenhouse is called the Climatron Conservatory and includes 1200 plant species, and also some tropical birds.
More art: Floating glass (by Chihuly) in the Victoria waterlily pond in front of the greenhouse.


O.K. said...

"Film Director Douglas Trumbull stated on the commentary accompanying the DVD release of the 1972 science fiction classic movie Silent Running, that the geodesic domes containing the last forests of Earth's future on the spaceship Valley Forge were based on the Missouri Botantical Gardens Climatron dome."

If I remember right that film had a robot that George Lucas must have copied and then calling it R2-D2 for the Star Wars films. Anyone else who has seen "Silent Running"?

LS said...

Silent Running? Never heard of it :)

There is also the Biodome in the Arizona desert which was supposed to have a whole sustainable ecosystem including humans. It failed because the humans couldn't get along for more than a month or so.

LS said...

I meant the Biosphere, not Biodome. The Biodome is in Montreal and is a zoo. Did Fuller invent the Biosphere too?

O.K. said...

As I remember it the inhabitants of the Biosphere in Arizona stayed for two years, although there was some problems for them to get along.