Monday, October 29, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Buckminster Fuller

In remembrance of a post long since posted.


PP said...

As you can imagine he was very popular among graduate design students. He was also commonly referred to as "Bucky Fuller." One day in a class discussion a student exclaimed, "Oh, oh! we could do it like Fucky Buller!" He never lived it down!

LS said...

So did he really design those domes?

Poor student, but it is a funny story!

O.K. said...

Yes he did. But I think one of greatest things about him was his ability to truly "think outside the box". I have two documentaries about him that I have to watch soon(ish).

LS said...

Considering how his head looks like, he just had to think outside his head :)

Just kidding.