Monday, November 5, 2007

Exhibition nov 2007 in Sweden

Have a look of some of my art work in Watercolor and Soft Pastel.
'Skiren', a small lake in the forest.
'The Owl ridge' in springtime.
A Blackbird drinking rainwater.
A boulder in 'Hedmossen' (The heather bog).
Hayfield in the mountains.
My apple trees and flowers.
Shadows on the road.
A newspaper-reading man at my swimming place.
A 'bluetite' bird among apple flowers.


LS said...

Wonderful!!!! I especially love the one with the bog and the one with lake Skiren. I remember skating on Skiren many, many years ago.

EH said...

Ohh, they look really nice, good size on the pictures too.

Jättebra inlägg! Lägg gärna upp mer bilder, då kan många se dom, skicka ett tips på mail till de du vill ska titta på bloggen.

O.K. said...

Jättefina. Jag gillar särskilt koltrasten på baljan.

PP said...

Wonderful paintings...they get better all the time!