Thursday, November 15, 2007

Träskor (wooden clogs)

Swedish clogs for sale in New York City, in a very personal way (article from today's NY Times). This reminds me that I need a new pair, mine are falling apart.


O.K. said...

“The fitting lasts five minutes,” Ms. Tidlund said. “It can take two hours for a woman to decide what color she wants.”

Hahaha. But at price of 105-285 dollars, it might be worth pondering since you'll buy one pair only. Is that what they really cost or is it only Manhattan pricing? Besides, cut off rubber boots are so much better. Maybe one could sell New Yorkers that? "Vintage Nokia rubber boots, trimmed by nordic artisans..." $995? :D

LS said...

With the Nokia name on the rubber boots you can probably fool the Americans into believing that a free cellphone comes with each boot.

You can't by Swedish wooden clogs in regular stores here, only in Scandinavian stores and they are few and far between. These are expensive because they are custom made - I have seen non-custom ones for maybe $50 on-line. But you don't get to choose from 100 colors then. Most clogs here are rubber or plastic and terrible.

Anonymous said...

you should check out ... they have a pretty wide variety of real swedish clogs. Some are hand painted, but I think you can get plain too.

LS said...

Thanks for the link!