Sunday, November 4, 2007

Interesting heritage: Swedenbitters

Here is something I never saw in Sweden:
SWEDENBITTERS, a bitter herbal of many herbs made in Canada, I think. You buy a bottle with dried herbs and prepare it like this:

Empty contents of package into a wide necked bottle containing 750ml vodka. Shake daily. After 8 days, strain through a clean cheese cloth of fine mesh. Shake the bottle before using.

So, a shot of herb-infused vodka that supposedly helps against colds, digestion problems, liver problems, infections... you name it. I found it interesting that out of the 14 herbs in the recipe, only 3 are wild in Sweden.


EH said...

Yes, vodka is an amazing cure for everything. Did it say if it had to be swedish vodka, like Absolut?

I think a vanilla flavor might be good to sweeten the bitter....


O.K. said...

Booze, the cause of and cure for all problems?