Saturday, November 10, 2007

(Sn/Cr)apshot: October sky

Another photo from the first (and only, so far) time I used my Loreo "C.R.A.P.™" lens. It has a nice soft focus at its biggest aperture (F/5.6) that I didn't even knew I liked a few weeks ago. 100 % crop of the picure below as an example.



LS said...

The bottom cropped photo reminds me of when you take branches and put them directly on photopaper and expose it in the darkroom - it has that same fuzzyness caused by light coming "in from the sides". I like it, it is very artsy even if it is crappy.

LS said...

In think you need to make a new label named crapshot

LS said...

I mean I think! This keyboard, I am not used to it!!!!

O.K. said...

Snapshot, crapshot. Whatevah... :P
Then I would have to, god forbid, distinguish the "good" shots from the "bad". What would "Jante" say about that?
To my surprise there is a entry about "Jante law" on the english wikipedia. Usually regarded as a scandinavian phenomenon, but I think it is more widespread than that.

EH said...

If you follow the link of Jante law, and instead choose Swedish culture in wikipedia and read on the subtitle Attitudes, they explain the swedish lagomness and other social behaviors in Sweden.