Sunday, November 18, 2007

Matchbox label of the day - timetravel

In response to LS stamp post about old times and travelling to America from Europe for many weeks by boat.



LS said...

In response to EHs note about travel under another post - I love trains. You sit and look out the window and you travel with the scenery, not above it, and not in it (like in a car), but with it. Steady and stable. Of all kinds of travel I think air is the worst, except it helps you to get to a different place fast. But boat travel, when you are stuck in this thing called water that slows you down, it gives another feeling. You can't fight the water, just work with it and the wind. As long as there are no storms, water travel is great.

O.K. said...

Didn't some train company have the slogan "Travel at see level"?

LS said...

That is a great slogan. "See level"!