Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Fiska abborre

Fishing bass (not flounder) in the Baltic is a great way to spend some time. Sitting on a smooth rock or in a little boat, seeing that little bobbing thing go up and down, thinking about the drowning earthworm on the hook, the bass nibbling on it, and suddenly get caught, and then up in the air! Of course half of the time the worm is eaten and no fish caught, but oh well.

Last time we did this kind of fishing was with friends in Finland and we caught three bass (abborrar), which were quickly named George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George Washington by the young kids. They made a great dinner, fried up in butter.

The artwork reminds me of children's book illustrations, so rich and crisp. Not at all the foggy, muddy, and wet mess fishing usually is.

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