Monday, February 17, 2014

Proud to be Swedish!

Sometimes the collective (hive) mind works, all over Sweden there where shouting and cheering when the 4x5 km (ladies) and 4x10 km (men) cross country skiing was on TV this past Saturday and Sunday.
Our cheering must have been heard all the way to Russia and Sotji, and both men and women teams from Sweden were able to secure gold!

A fantastic achievement, and a glorious day to be Swedish!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Riding trains in Norway

In Norway they know how to make something solidly real. Norway, with is mountains, fjords, and trains in gorgeous places.

Here is a clip from a 10-hour riding-the-train-through-the-seasons movie (thanks PP):

A giant miniature train place

When EH and her family were here last year we visited Northlandz, an amazing model train museum here in New Jersey.  Now there is a little movie about it and how they photographed it. Watch it.

Here are some photos from this great place.  Visit Northlandz if you have the chance, even if you have never liked model trains. (More photos from our visit here.)