Monday, November 19, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Peeling comforting apples

Apples, rosemary, and Jerusalem artichokes - there is another kind of edible art for you. Stamp from Sweden of course. Note the peeler, that is the old-fashioned and very effective kind I grew up with. It is also very effective at cutting off skin from your fingers by accident.


PP said...

why these 3 things? They don't really go together...well maybe the rosemary and the artichoke...

LS said...

Maybe it is because they are all available around the same time? Or is there some old recipe for traditional sunchoke gratin with apples and rosemary?

EH said...

There is at least one recipe with artichokes and apple at

I sure it works fine with rosemary instead om thyme.

Jordärtskockssoppa med ragu av äpple, tomat och räkor
Portioner: 4

400 g skalade jordärtskockor
100 g skalad potatis (1-2 st)
6 dl buljong (fisk- eller grönsakstärning eller fond vatten)
2 dl äppelcider
2 dl grädde
½ - 1 msk vitvinsvinäger

50 g skalade och tärnade jordärtskockor
2 tomater (tärnade och urkärnade)
½ tärnat äpple
200 g skalade räkor
1 msk olivolja

2 msk timjan eller dill, hackad, färsk


Tillagningstid: Över 20 min
Svårighetsgrad: Avancerat

Gör så här
Skär jordärtskockor och potatis i mindre bitar. Koka dem mjuka i buljong och cider i en gryta. Tillsätt grädden och låt koka upp. Mixa soppan slät och smaka av med vinäger, salt och peppar.

Fräs jordärtskockor, tomater, äpple och räkor i olivolja i en stekpanna. Smaka av med salt, peppar och timjan eller dill. Häll upp soppan i tallrikar och fördela ragun däri. Toppa med en en kvist färsk timjan.

O.K. said...

Pressrelease from

"Food that inspires. Food that brings people together. Swedish gastronomy is making huge strides and Swedish chefs are bringing their culinary expertise to international settings. Gastronomy is the theme for the 2005 Europa stamps. The Joy of Food with Tina! - EUROPA 2005 issue features three airy still life portraits depicting various savory ingredients.

The first stamp design portrays elderberry chutney and two ingredients: star anise and lemon.
The second stamp serves up Katja apples, rosemary and Jerusalem artichokes, which taken together create a sumptuous side dish for meat or fish.
The third stamp depicts red beets, goat cheese and chives."

LS said...

Personally I don't think Jerusalem artichokes are so inspiring as Posten things, but I know PP disagrees. Maybe we should try that recipe.

I know Jerusalem artichokes have high rates of inulin, so some people get terrible stomach aches from them. I think it is genetic, depending on what enzyme you have or not have. Kind of like if you dislike celery or not :)