Sunday, November 11, 2007

11/11/11, A Birthday

Here he is, my father in about 1940. If it is 1940, the year he "hired out" on the New York Central Railroad, he would have been 29 years old. He is standing next to a standard NYC caboose and is holding a red flag. He was first a Flagman, whose job is was to do the dirty work on a freight train. Get off and throw switches, do the flag signaling that was required, etc... He later became a brakeman and later a conductor. He retired from the railroad 36 years later in 1976.

November 11th was always a special day in our house, and in fact it is a special day at least as far as days of the year go. There is only one day a century that all the numbers are the same, all ones.


LS said...

PP didn't tell you that we had a great dinner with his father's favorite foods: Breaded pork chops (from local organic pigs that live outside), lima beans (really good, I was a bit suspicious), and mashed potatoes. For dessert I made Martha Stewart's recipe for Old-fashioned Doublecrust Apple Pie, with organic apples. It was a great dinner!

Here is to you, BP! Thanks for playing such great music too, and painting those great locomotive drawings we have on our walls.

O.K. said...

Nice picture, and very well preserved. Colorfilms as Kodachrome, Agfacolor and Agfacolor-neu was developed just a few years earlier so the photographer must have been an early adopter. Is it a print or a slide?

LS said...

EH, look at all those insulators on the telegraph pole!!!