Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Swedish Cheeses

There is hope, there is not just mass produced Greve, Herrgård, and Svecia cheeses from Arla in Sweden anymore! I am just kidding, I know you have other good cheeses over there. But this organic little dairy place is something special and we have to visit it next time in Sweden. Which other place has a cheese wrapped in spruce bark, "granbarksost"? It is a brie, that you heat up in the oven and then eat melted contained in the bark ring. Wow! See photo. This is Jürss Mejeri, in Flen, not far from Eskilstuna and Stockholm. Put it on your do-to-lists.

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EH said...

I have seen a cooking program on TV when they visited Jurss dairy. The reporter/cook got to heavenly heights when he got to taste one of their specials that was not for sale. I will try to find a retailer, not so environmental-friendly to go far by car to buy cheese, but probably a good excursion though.