Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Consumerism: The Buy Nothing Day

Friday after Thanksgiving, November 23, is one of the largest shopping days of the year. Check out this video, as part of the Buy Nothing Day as a protest against consumer society. This day is on Nov 23 in USA, and on Saturday Nov 24 in other countries.

Maybe we don't need all these new things all the time? Maybe we are not so good at appreciate the older things, or reuse what we have? I have decided not to shop for anything on Friday, not even a jug of milk. I am going to stay home and read an old book, look at reusable movies, and enjoy some good food already in our pantry and fridge (Thanksgiving leftovers, yummy!).


O.K. said...

"Rewards total: Satisfaction" :D

Great video concept.

LS said...

Isn't it amazing how simple things like this video can be so powerful? Less is more!

Olle said...

Is this a one-time Friday or is a Friday among all the others in the future?

LS said...

It is only once Friday a year. Today, also called Black Friday, because it is one of the largest shopping days of the year.