Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stamp of the Day: More Finnish lighthouses

There really is something special about light houses. Maybe it is the safety of the light in the night, and at the same time the closeness to storm and deaths, isolation and despair? I wonder what other buildings have so much symbolic value to people. Churches, for some, maybe?

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O.K. said...

"Churches, for some, maybe?"
Only if they are of the "right flavor", I think. I can't think of a building with a stronger symbolism than the lighthouse.
None the less, more and more lighthouses are shut down since the ocean trade doesn't need them, which can be confusing for those not using gps.
When I was crossing Gävle bay in kayak in the darkening evening once, we took aim on the biggest light since that must be the large lighthouse situated on an island on our maps, right? Not quite so, because that one was shut down...