Sunday, November 25, 2007

Things to ponder from NY Times' recent writings

“A 2005 survey by the Center for a New American Dream showed that 78 percent of Americans wish the holidays were ‘less materialistic.’ At the same time, the average American spends about $900 on presents each year, according to the National Retail Federation.” (link)

"Mr. Lasn, from Vancouver, says the targets of the movement [Boy Nothing Day] are the wealthiest one billion people on the planet, “the 20 percent who consume 80 percent of the goodies in the global marketplace.” The goal, he told me, “is to create an economy and a culture in which it eventually becomes cool to consume less.”" (link)

"Since the 1960s, men have gradually cut back on activities they find unpleasant. They now work less and relax more. Over the same span, women have replaced housework with paid work — and, as a result, are spending almost as much time doing things they don’t enjoy as in the past. " (link)

"The holidays have always been an emotionally combustible time for families, bringing together a sometimes volatile mix of siblings, crotchety grandparents and ill-behaved children. But in recent years, a new figure has joined the celebration, to complicate the proceedings even further: the green evangelist of the family — the impassioned activist bent on eradicating the wasteful materialism of the holidays." (link)

"Sales rose 8.3 percent on Friday compared with last year’s day after Thanksgiving, the biggest increase in three years, according to ShopperTrak RCT, a research firm. But shoppers did not splurge, spending an estimated $348 each over the holiday weekend, down from $360 last year..." (link)

Any thoughts on this? My thoughts are whirling... Do you have the same trends in Sweden?

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LS said...

Just found this article in Aftonbladet about the Swedish holiday shopping:

"– I Sverige handlar vi för 4 miljarder mer i år, jämfört med förra året. Totalt handlar vi under december månad för 62 miljarder. Men det är allt i hela december, från 1 december till nyår, säger Jonas Arnberg vid Handelns Utredningsinstitut.
Så allt är inte julklappar i den summan?
– 15,5 miljarder av totalt 62 miljarder kronor går till julklappar. "