Monday, November 5, 2007

Grand Prix: Norwegian style

When I saw your post about Grand Prix and the nice-looking racing car stamp I started to think about Flåkrypa Grand Prix and the amazing car Il Tempo Gigante. It is a animated film, produced in Norway.

The car itself is an amazing thing, and on a webshop I found this model, that you can drive by remote. I can feel the “ha-begär” (LS, translate…) rise, at least for my kids and certain other members of the family. In Norway they have built a truesized model of this imaginary car from the film, which is still present somewhere.

I feel there is much more to say, and invite all other bloggers to add on to this post.



LS said...

I never saw the movie Flåkrypa Grand Prix, so I am not of much help. "Ha-begar" in Swedish is that feeling that you absolutely have to have something...

LS said...

Ha, when you google Flåkrypa Grand Prix, this post is the second hit!!!

O.K. said...

LS: Try to google "Flåklypa Grand Prix" instead.

I think I need too watch this film again in the near future.

LS said...

Krypa and Klypa, isn't that the same thing? For those of us that haven't seen the movie, can you summarize it?

That car is amazing, all those little gadgets! Too bad PP doesn't understand the Norwegian, he would have a blast otherwise.

EH said...

It´s available in english LS, and the name is Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Sorry about the misspelling before!