Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Matchbox label of the day: Swedish matches- made in ?

This is the first known matchbox label produced in Japan around 1900.

It says (in swedish) "säkerhetständstickor" which means Safety Matches. Funny they use the swedish word, probably all the matches came from Sweden before they started there own production.

This one however is made in Chechoslovakia, and is a real plagiat. A swede spots the mispelling of "tändstickors". It´s made before 1940.

And yes, swedish matches are still made in Sweden.


LS said...

Amazing! Swedish ripoff matches, like Gucci bags sold in Chinatown. I wonder if the world knew how to pronounce Sakerhetstandstickor in Swedish? Why didn't this word enter the English vocabulary, like smorgasbord and ombudsman?

EH said...


Say it in Japanese! :-)