Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Picture of the week history

red stamens by LS

Paddan Paddy by EH

smooth birch bark by LS

Anemone nemorosa Vitsippa by EH

Red-winged blackbird by PP

Fjädertofsspinnare (butterfly larvae) by EH

Do you feel deflated? by EH

Wet crocus by PP

Kajak 2007 by EH

Summerfield 2007 by EH

Roller coaster by LS

Snow blanket by EH

Caught. [O.K.]

Digitalis from Wij gardens 2007 by EH

Calla from Longwood Gardens by LS

Teide and a boat by EH

Wasp on Morinda flower, Dominican Republic by LS

Famous old tractor seat, Adriance Buckeye by LS

(Toot) [O.K.]

First snow by EH

(Jump) [O.K.]

Santa Fe fence by LS

Green and brown autumn by EH

Magnolia in Paris by EH

' Garden peace' by LS

Green berry fart (bärfis) on pink stuff (E.H.)

Need needles? Or are they needless?[O.K.]

Red and blue by EH

Oil & brass [O.K.]

Sandy Hook lighthouse by LS

It's a fact! [O.K.]

Anemone blurr by EH

Ant on peony bud, by AREA

Talvia's hairdo [O.K.]

Sunset on Lake Michigan, USA, by LS

Donacia sp. by EH


Eye by EH

Migration (O.K.)

Climax locomotive #3 in Cass, West Virginia, by PP

Eggplant by O.K.

Vedbod och uthus (Swedish woodshed and outhouse) by LS

Toes by EH

Mjölkört (milkweed) by EH

(actually, it is 'fire weed' in American English)

Far away- Iceland -98 by EH

Close beaver encounter in Gryckån, Hälsingland by EH

Midnight sun in Abisko, by LS

Chihuli glass, by O.K.

Dinner salad at T J Buckley's, Brattleboro, Vermont, by LS

Red Spotted Newt in Molly Stark State Forest, Vermont, by LS

American Snack by LS

Hearts of the Katsura tree by E.H.

Turtle in a box - a box turtle in NJ by EH

Islamic mosaics at Gur Emir Mausoleum in Samarkand, photo by LS

Propeller flower (Phlox), photo by EH

EH asked for some kind of linking to earlier pictures of the week. I am afraid that it has to be a manual thing though. So my idea is to refer to this post that we have to update when a new picture is added every week.

How to add a new picture to this post:
Right click on the picture of the week in the sidebar. Choose "copy image location", add picture from the web and paste in the link. Use small size, centered. Done!
When editing the sidebar text leave the html ending the line as it is, it contains the link to this post.



EH said...

Låter bra tycker jag!

Jag kanske lägger in sköldpaddan i historiken senare idag.

O.K. said...

Behövs inte, redan fixat. :)

LS said...

I added the very first picture of the week, the pink propeller flower by EH

LS said...

And the photo of our Katsure tree is so beautiful. Can you send me the larger version of that please? Also, send me the photo of the snake you saw, I have someone that can ID it for us.

LS said...

Oops, it wasn't our tree! Well, we have one too!

O.K. said...

Oh, there was another one, missed that.

O.K. said...

Cute newt!

LS said...

Great beaver! What is the blue in the foreground?

O.K. said...

That's the paddle of AnS.

LS said...

Ah, thanks! Was the beaver scared, mean, or just ignoring you?

O.K. said...

Ever heard of "O.S.G."? ;)

I don't really know, I wasn't there.

LS said...

What is OSG? Same as OMG (oh my god)?

O.K. said...

Osedvanligt Stora Gnagare. Från filmen "the princess bride".

LS said...

Ah - Unusually Large Rodents, also known as URL. :P

LS said...

Oh, those toes are so cute. Like little potatoes, garlic cloves, plums, or mushrooms (champignoner). I guess it is DH's toes?

EH said...

Nope, it´s MH toes actually. Namnam!!

LS said...

Nice geese, O.K.! From NJ?

O.K. said...


LS said...

O.K., those gears, where did you find them?

LS said...

That is a great blue beetle, EH!

EH said...

Nice macrophoto, AREA.

LS said...

Those anemones, I think they are from our garden, right? They look like their common name - wind flower :)

EH said...

The anemones are from Bastedalens chinese garden. The one that is located in an old stone quarry.

LS said...

I love Bastedalen!!! OK, remember when we were there?

OK and EH, could you please write a little more in the descriptions of your photos so we know what and where they are from? Thanks!

LS said...

HELP! Blogger lost our photos here too!!!! Stupid blogger!

Comment to EH - Berry fart on pink stuff? Is that really the real name? :)

LS said...

Oops. Never post a comment before you have let the page load all photos. I just thought blogger did the same as it did to OKs post today.

EH said...

Well I have no idea what the real name is in english but in swedish, yes, grön bärfis på rosa grejs. :-)

O.K. said...

"Hur kommer det sig att bladlusen är så liten?"

"Den har stannat i växten..."

EH said...

LS, I found your pictures from this greenhouse,when I looked for others. It´s really a fantastic place, Longwood Gardens.