Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ipod or President?

People deserve the govt they get


LS said...

Hmm, my vote for a million dollars? Let's rephrase the question:
How many would have voted for Bush if they got an iPod for it, if you asked them today? No iPods in the world can make up for the current disaster in Iraq and USA.

Short-sightedness is a problem in most parts of the world, but it is especially a problem here in the US. Sigh.

However, tell someone in the US that they will get free healthcare for the rest of their lives and 100% of the people will vote for that person. Me too. Any person that is willing to provide nationwide healthcare, cares about people and not companies and profits, I think.

PP said...

i agree in principal, but I truly believe that the mental state of the "average" us citizen is "sick" and would choose some materialistic thing over many other "wiser" choices....even healthcare, witness the state of health of many us citizens. For example, in the grocery store check out today, the magazines on display were all about "Diabetic" cooking...and the people checking out in front and behind me(oh and me too) were all buying soda. ME BUYING SODA? you ask...well once or twice a year at the holidays I buy Coke. Coca Cola releases a holiday "vintage" bottle...this year it is a replica of an 189...something, I always buy a 6 pack of it. They are usually small, like 6 oz. or so...and an ice cold coke is really not bad once or twice a year, esp when drunk from a "vintage" bottle bottle at Christmas time. I t makes me think of my youth when things like a bottle of Coke(6 or 8 oz) were not considered "poison"