Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Waiting for Winter

AnS post about waiting for winter, with snow and ice reminded me about winters long past in the Swedish mountains. This stamp could have depicted our family, we even had the dog with the sled after it.

Storhogna, Storulvån, Snasahögarna, Sylarna - do you remember all these places? (The Swedish stamp is from 1970)
I remember catching snowflakes with my gloves while they were falling in the air and breathing on them while they melted. The snowflakes, not the gloves, of course. Snowflakes are true fractals, and the largest ever caught was over 2 cm across. Photographing them must be very hard; you have to be fast before they melt (Look at these beautiful ones). We have already had the first snow here in NJ, which is nice, since last year the winter didn't start until January.

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