Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Below zero- Waiting for the snow

The leaves that is still left on the hedge is rattling, whispering when they are hit by the frosen rain. The temperature is below zero somewhere in the clouds and a snow-mixed rain is falling. The snowflakes are dancing about as the wind hits them in between the houses.The air is suddenly not clear anymore but full of snowflakes, the air must now be below zero outside.

When they hit the ground they melt, of course, because the ground is above zero.
Only when too many snowflakes hit the ground they make a temperature shift and they keep staying white and fluffy. Until the next rain falls….

On a wet surface like this, it´s kind of dangerous when the temperature really falls below zero. The surface becomes smooth, dangerously slippery , without friction. We get “blixt-halka”. I have no idea what the corresponding phrase is in America. All the carowners shift their wheels before winter, it´s even a law about this.

Disappointing as it is, especially for the kids, it's snowing but we don´t have a snowlayer. Instead they play in the puddles of near-frosen water, getting really wet and cold. We were down in the basement yesterday and changes their bikes for slides and snowracers instead. The older one , 5 years old, said, disappointed, ‘I hope I can use it soon’.

But then, later, when the water has frosen and the snow is covering the grounds and the lakes are big skating fields of clear dark ice… mmmm. Winter can be nice too.

by EH


LS said...

So maybe it will be a white Christmas this year? That would be unusual in these times of global warming. Here it is raining, a gray November rain, but many trees still have leaves in them and the grass is green. Outside the window I have three trees with read leaves against the backdrop of a red barn, very pretty.

Don't tell son MH, but I sent him something in the mail to cheer him up.

O.K. said...

Icy, slippery roads when I got home a little while ago. Be careful tomorrow morning, people in the Stockholm area.