Monday, November 12, 2007


Do you think you are handy with tools?

W.C Handy, who would have celebrated his 134th birthday later this week (born november 16, 1873) was pretty handy at creating and playing the blues. Usually called "The father of blues", but he himself said that he just adapted and popularized the black folk music.

"Each one of my blues is based on some old Negro song of the south. Something that sticks in my mind, that I hum to myself when I'm not thinking about it. Some old song that is a part of the memories of my childhood and of my race. I can tell you the exact song I used as a basis for any one of my blues."



LS said...

Haha, I would like to see you do THAT, O.K., when hammering nails on beams!

O.K. said...

Aber nicht ohne mein "hammer hat"! I don't know what they say in the end, but it sounds like hammer hat.