Monday, November 12, 2007

Snapshot: Homegrown

November 11th.

Irrefutable proof of global warming? Maybe not... When I dug up this tomato plant two months ago and brought it inside because the nights were getting colder, none of these seven tomatoes existed except in the form of pollinated flowers.



LS said...

Hmm, it looks like the plant was put on the snowy deck after it snowed. Might this be an arranged photo? We had flowering tomato plants in the garden until last weekend, but that is still nothing compared to last year when we harvested beets on New Years Eve.

LS said...

Let's guess what bird checked out the plant. The tracks look like a magpie walked by, maybe?

O.K. said...

Really , Sherlock? ;) As I said, I dug it up and brought it indoors for it to survive. Put it back out just as an illustration and for the contrast. And as I've heard that one should talk to one's plants, I told it that it's tomatoes better ripen or I'd put back outside again. I think it worked, yesterday it had two red tomatoes. ;)