Friday, November 16, 2007

Viking Metal Anyone?

Well, I was doing some research online, well, actually just poking around on youtube! :P If you call that you research! Well, I found this band called Amon Amarth, not sure if it means anything, but they are from Sweden! Not just that, but they are a metal core band(melodic metal), with viking lyrics and such.

Their first album came out in 1996, and their most recent was 2006. Here are some lyrics:

Raise your swords up high!
See the black birds fly!
Let them hear your rage!
Show no fear!

Charge your horses across the fields
Together we ride into destiny
Have no fear of , when it's your time
Oden will bring us home when we die!

The ground trembles under us
As we make our thunder charge
The pounding hooves strikes blinding fear
Into their heart

Our helmets shine in the sun
As we near their wall of shields
Some of them turn and run
When they hear our frenzied screams

Kinda funky huh?! >_>


LS said...

Do you have a link to their berserk music?

AREA said...

Of course! Check them out on youtube! Why are you asking, you think that their too metal for me? Ha!

O.K. said...

Here is the song in question. Scandinavia is filled to the brim with bands playing viking/folk/death/black/melodic/progressive-metal, or any mix of those. Some can, while not being good, be quite entertaining. Like "Finntroll" who plays some kind of polka-folk-metal to an imagined John Bauer scenery. :)

Amon Amarth is the "Mount of Doom" in a middle-earth language.

LS said...

Why aren't they wearing Viking clothes?

O.K. said...

You mean like Viking rubber boots? ;)