Sunday, October 28, 2007

Half anniversary!

Today it is exactly 6 months since we started this blog. Just thought you might like to know. We started with some Swedish poetry and a road to nowhere. Since then we have travelled through Tour de France, botanical gardens, patterns or not patterns, stamp of the day, book and movie reviews, Yellowstone and other travels in the US, art and design and the two together, and of course, Picture of the Week and snapshots galore. Keep up the good work everybody! This is fun!


EH said...

I must say, as a contributor to this blog, that it´s much more fun than I though when the suggestion came that we would start a blog.

I appriciate both the challenge to write myself and the pleasure of reading what all you others write.

Thanks for the suggestion, it´s been a fun half-year.

I might not be the most active blogger, but I have a topic or two in my head at all times.


O.K. said...

Did you blow out half a candle on the half of a cake?