Thursday, October 18, 2007

Book Autopsies: Cooling Big Boilers

I was snooping around on other blogs when I ran into this amazing thing. Brian Dettmer is making art by cutting into old books, like this example to the left. The headline on top is "Cooling Big Boilers". Now this is creative I think. There are many more examples at this link.

Three-dimensional book sculptures are created, but I don't really understand how they stay stable. Look at some of the books towards the end of the webpage I linked to, and how narrow and intricate this work is.

Pretty amazing!


O.K. said...

Looks like someone took the cut up-technique of William Burroughs (and others) literally! :)

It reminds me of an old children's book, I think it was called "What happened next?" (Vad hände sen?). Every page had a cutout where you could see a part of the next page, pushing the story forward.

Anyone else who remembers it?

LS said...

Isn't that book a Mumin (Moomin) book? I remember one little hole that was cut out inside a tree stump and the hattifnatts were inside. We might even have it here at home.

O.K. said...

Could be that one, or one similar to it. It had strange creatures at least.