Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Eohippus

With all this horsing around that is going on here recently on the blog, I figured a horse stamp might be a reasonable choice. Looking through my digital collection, this was the only one I found, a fossil horse species called Eohippus. I guess I haven't really tried to find horse stamps on-line earlier, but there must be hundreds of them in the world. I realized am in dire need of bicycle stamps too, if the stamps will reflect blog topics. It seems like many topics on this blog are either about things you can eat, watch, or ride. Food, photography/art, and transportation - maybe that is all we humans want to talk about? :P

Eohippus was one of the earliest known ancestors of horses. It was only as big as a tiny dog and lived 50 million years ago (Tertiary - Eocene). Its shoulder height was only 20 cm (8 inches for you non-standardized Americans). It has been renamed now to Hyracotherium. If you have kids, here is a coloring page for it. Check out this chart if you want to see how horses have become larger and larger through time. Only one living species exist of horses now, all the others have become extinct. I think they say that 99% of all species that ever lived on Earth are extinct, but we don't even know how many species are living here now. Estimates range between 5 and 100 million living species... but only one horse. What do you think about that, EH and AREA?

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