Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Yesterday 110 years ago this was published in the Cleveland Gazette:

The victim Major "The Worcester whirlwind" Taylor, despite having to struggle against open racism and hostility among his competitors and cycling organizations went on to become world champion on the one-mile sprint three consecutive times. It often happened that competitors teamed up against him, and he was banned from racing in his state of birth Indiana when he was too successful.

Taylor himself had a strict view on the subject:

"It is my thought that clean living and a strict observance of the golden rule of true sportsmanship are foundation stones without which a championship structure cannot be built."

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O.K. said...

Post number 400! :)

LS said...

How come it said that EHs post was number 401? Blogger is counting two ways!

Interesting little tidbits of information you are digging up! Where do you find it all? Maybe you have a brain that is like Hermione's bag in the latest Harry POtter book - small on the outside, but inside it is limited - it fits tents, sleeping bags, food, and even furniture.

O.K. said...

You saw the number that included a couple of drafts that was collecting dust. I've removed them now. In the sidebar you see the number of published posts, right now 402 of them.

O.K. said...

Hermione's bag? Sounds like Mrs Rowlings stole the concept from the inventor "Påhittiga Johansson" in Hans Alfredssons book "Varför är det så ont om Q?"(Why are there so few Q:s?). Great book, at least as I remember it. A few decades have passed since I read it.

Corrected Taylor's state of birth to Indiana (wrote Idaho first), that's what happens when you mix the tidbits with furniture, tents and Bio-strath ads...