Thursday, October 4, 2007

Up and Down

Going Up?

Check out the Paternoster, Crazy design!

My mother worked as an Elevator Operator in a Hotel in Cleveland in the 1930's...does anyone even know that such a job existed?


O.K. said...

Paternoster elevators still in use according to the page? Sounds like a case of "Ze user must adapt to ze machine, not the other way around".

My favorite is the vacuum elevator, no cables or counterweights, it is just difference in air pressure that lifts you. Video of the elevator in action.

Olle said...

When I was a young boy there were paternoster lifts at PUB in Stockholm. However, only to be used by staff. I was intrigued by them - I understood that you had to step into them just when the lift passes.

LS said...

Guess what! I worked at PUB in Stockholm in the late 1980s and we used their Paternoster elevators all the time, but they were only for the employees, not the public. I remember I was so scared in the beginning, to have to jump into a moving 'box' and be worried that you are slow and hit your head. Also, sometimes there was someone really heavy in there and you had to squeeze in - then I rather waited. Generally 2 people could fit, maybe 3 if you were skinny, but that was scary. They clanked and 'shivered' a lot, and really looked ancient, all wood construction. I never stayed in one over the top into the old attic and down again, it would have been too scary.

This must have been around 1988 or so, when I was a seasonal worker there selling towels and table cloths in this department store. One day I was shifted down to help out in the cigarette area, and I was completely lost. I had no idea what all the brands were and hated being there. The home fabric section was much nicer.