Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rock me to sleep

Guess what, the chair / recliner I requested earlier exists! I found it in a park here in Stockholm, Vinterviken to be more specific.

As I wrote in a comment to LS' post:

"Why doesn't anyone sell a chair in the shape of a smooth archipelago rock, warm from the sun? That's where I relax best."

And it is even placed in a quite nice spot. Which is a good thing really, it is a little hard to move it without a forklift. It's a rock chair, not a rocking chair.

Now the question is if it is available in Rapakivi granite? I have nice memories of laying on my back on the cliffs of Åland. Soap stone from Handöl could be nice too, retains the warmth from the sun for a long time and makes it easier to fine tune the fit. Or maybe I'll just take one of each... :)

(Listening to while posting: Frank Zappa - Sofa)

1 comment:

LS said...

Frank Zappa wrote a song named sofa? Ha! Anyway, I love that stone bench/sofa/love seat you found. Rapakivi granite however, is probably not a good idea - it erodes rather fast into small little cubes of quarts and feldspar.

But soapstone - that is my favorite. Only problem is that it is soft and scratch easily. But it feels living in a way, not like a dead surface.