Monday, October 22, 2007

Newest addition to family?

There was some commotion this morning when LA said he had a snake visiting him in his bed - the rest of us haven't seen it , and we don't know what species it might have been. After the snake showed up in the third-floor apartment I lived in in the Bronx, I am not surprised that this might happen here too. That time it was a pet garter snake that had escaped, but if there was a snake in LA's room this morning it was a wild one. We don't have poisonous snakes on our property, so that is a relief at least. We will keep you updated, and hope the cats live up to their pedigree by catching it (and eating it?).

Maybe this happened because I got a Halloween costume of Medusa for AREA two days ago?


LS said...

Update: no more snakes have been seen. Maybe it was a fluke?

O.K. said...

Or Medusa is balding.