Monday, October 8, 2007

Place names: Swedesboro, NJ, USA

Guess how this name was named? The sign is self-explanatory. Today it looks like any other New Jersey town, but it is the only place where we have seen the same bumper sticker as I have with a moose and 'Sverige" written on it. On a SAAB of course. There is an old Lutheran church here too, and a 250-year old log cabin built by Swedish settlers was saved by moving it to the grave yard.


O.K. said...

Vad sa knugen när han var där tro? "Kära Örebroare"?

PP said...

What said knugen when he was there believe? “in love Örebroare”?

from an online tranlator

from me: wth?

O.K. said...

Haha, lost in translation!

A little too much of things only a swede would get (besides being in swedish), but I'll do my best to explain.

'What did knugen say when he was there? "Dear citizens of Örebro"? '

Knugen refers to the swedish king. It is actually spelled kungen (the king) but he's a dyslectic and mispelles his own name occasionally. "Dear citizens of Örebro" refers to an incident where he held a speech in your favorite city of sweden, Arboga, but adressed the people as if he was in Örebro, the neighbour city. He's not considered to be among the brightest persons in the kingdom...

So basically I'm just taking potshots at his royal highness.

LS said...

Excellent translation, dear O.K.!

In Swedesboro, the king probably said:

"Dear citizens of Germantown...", which is also in NJ, as is Frenchtown. Lots of geography right here in the neighborhood.