Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is the Humber bridge making a pattern?

Two more patterns: These fern leaves are making a pattern, at least for my eye.

But can a pattern be made of one thing?

If not - where is really the difference?


EH said...

I think you can say that the bridge is not a pattern, if you don´t look to the small things in the picture. (Nice pict by the way,yours? )

The lines of different hues makes a pattern as does the edges, like small triangels (spelling?)

So, yes it´s a pattern but it comes from different components in this picture

LS said...

I think the bridge is a pattern! Just see how the different colors make a pattern that is different in the upper and lower part of the picture.

Maybe everything has patterns in it? It is just that we have to discover them?

Great photos Olle! I especially like the bridge, were is it located?

Olle said...

The Humber bridge spans the river with the same name which here is over 2 km wide. It was built 20 years ago and was then the longest suspension bridge in the world. But no longer.

As to patterns - yes. Because photos are not primarily about objects but about light (well - we are trained to see them as people, sceneries etc so the light aspect is forgotten in daily use). And when light is distributed in a nice, repeated way over the surface we can perceive it as a pattern. Sometimes the patterns come out regardless of the objects as in the bridge example - EH's leaves is another nice example.

LS said...

Did you take the bridge photo, Olle? I love it! You are right about light, that is really what makes patterns, not the objects. Well, objects can make pattterns too, like rivers on a map for example, or red and blue berries together. There are just so many kinds of patterns to admire!

O.K. said...

As I wrote in EH's post earlier, there is both a tendency (the bridge going away from you) and a repetition (horizontal bands) so I'd call it a pattern. I think.

Patterns emerge everywhere, with the exception of white noise, if you just look at them at the right scale. Don't see a pattern? Zoom in or out. At atomic level there should always be some pattern, unless you have vacuum.

O.K. said...

Great pictures by the way.