Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A surprise came to me...

It came with the mail today, and I was much surprised to find a glass insulator made in U.S. in the package. It has the hue of sea green, just as grandma´s roof over the kitchen door once had.

I longed for one after going to the glass museum at Wheaton together with LS. And now I have it, thanks to LS! You´ve should have seen my smile!

Thank you L! and also K. who brought it to Sweden.

Artpiece by AnS. Skyttåsa gård, Södermanland.
I hope it´s OK to show it, tell me if not!

In US people go out and look for the old insulators in the wild and sometimes they sell them. The picture above is from a persons homepage. I will look for the green dishes from my childhood... it would be fun to have one! I don´t know if they are used anymore.

I borrowed the picture here



LS said...

I don't remember the green window, but I do remember little green glass plates that were darker green. I don't know where they are, but I have the dark red ones.

You are welcome, when I saw the glass insulator in an antique store I knew I had to get it for you because you longed so much for them at the glass museum. EH, you should have seen in Montana and Wyoming, there were insulators everywhere on old telegraph poles, and in Vermont and Maine too! But none that were reachable. So, what will you do with it, now when you have one?

EH said...

For now its standing in the kitchen window, MH though about having it for candles. I saw a picture when googling where they had put them upsidedown in a stand for small candles, maybe I do that. Anyway, it's a part of my glass collection now, good as it is too.

Grandmas green roof, not the window LS, it´s shown on the picture as well, the one AnS has painted.

I have found nothing about collection insulators in Sweden, maybe we have only the green and brown dishes? In USA there seem to have been many kinds.


O.K. said...

Beautiful insulators, but I have only seen ceramic small ones in Sweden.

EH said...

OK, if you look for insulators like the one I got I think you´re correct, but the plate insulators on the last picture is available on most high power lines here in Sweden. That´s a problem though, they are all in use! I wonder were to find one....