Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Russian Cinema: A different kind of fishing trip

The two brothers Andrei and Ivan live with their mother and grandma. One day when they return home from their daily outings with their friends, there's a man sleeping there. Their father has returned after being gone for twelve years, a father none of the brothers have any memories of.

Andrei, the older brother is happy and full of admiration but Ivan, the younger one, is filled with doubt. Is he really their dad? Where has he been for twelve years and why did he come back now? The father and the two boys go on a fishing trip to get to know each other, but the purpose of the trip is changed under the the way...

This debut film, "Vozvrashcheniye" / "The return" / "Återkomsten" (2003), from director Andrei Zvyagintsev is in the category of films that "make you associate, think and look at life in different ways" as Pippi wrote. Very little is spelled out for the viewer, a lot of questions that are raised remain unanswered. There are clues here and there making your brain remain active during the film trying to figure it out. The film has great photo as well. What it "lacks" in the car chase, superhero and funny jokes department it more than compensates for in other areas. Add it to your to see-lists if you haven't seen it yet, folks!

I saw Zvyagintsev's new film "Izgnanie" / "The banishment" / "Förvisningen" (2007) the same night as well. It is similar in style and well worth seeing too. And it features Arvo Pärt's "Für Alina" as part of the soundtrack, very fitting with since they share that same vagueness.

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PP said...

But does anything get blowed up real big? I like movies where things git blowed up REAL big!

O.K. said...

Blown up? Your sense of belonging to the cultural elite will git enormously inflated by watching them thar artsy foreign movies with subtitles! ;) Will that do?

O.K. said...

And of course I selected only the most prettyfied glossy hollywood-happy scenes to illustrate the post.

LS said...

"Happy scenes"? You're kidding? Whe is the sunshine?

It sounds like a very interesting movie, I wonder what happens on the fishing trip. My preconceptions tells me someone dies and it is total misery. I guess I need to watch it to find out.

O.K. said...

"Happy scenes"? You're kidding?