Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hösten är här.... / Autumn is here


Beautiful aspen trees

My way to work

Lake Bårsten

Old graves, no round stones



LS said...

And I can report that fall is NOT here in New Jersey. 30 degrees Celsius today and no rain for 6 weeks, a terrible drought!

O.K. said...

Don't despair. Rain, wind and cold weather will come in time. ;)

PP said...

Lovely pics..but I miss my favorite season. I just looked up temperatures when I was growing up and the typical October temps were 10 degrees cooler on average.

I personally am despairing, fall as I knew it is gone and has been for the past few years.

EH said...

Well, you could always move here, we have plenty of space in this little country, nice cold, dark fall evenings and frosty mornings. The first real frost came last night, but I haven´t scraped the ice of the car windows yet.

But...I too feel the fall is later and warmer than it should be, I feel concerned.

Thanks for the picture comment also, glad you liked them.