Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"A truly crappy lens to love"

The magazine CAP&Design writes:

"Sometimes perfect isn't very good. Those days when the megapixel-race feels particularly infantile and you'd like to take about 20 steps back to the world of LOMO, the cheap polariod and the Instamatic, the company Loreo saves the day with their 'Lens in a cap'. It delivers fuzzy pictures and has all possible optic faults."

SOLD! Cheap, light and made out of genuine plastic. What else could one ask for? Further report when it arrives.

(Listening to while posting: Natacha Atlas - Sweeter than any sweets)


LS said...

Did you actually buy it?

EH said...

I remember your Instamatic, this must be the same (poor) quality photo as they were.

But it going to be interesting to see the results, perfection isn´t everything, especially not in photography. Blurry is nice!

O.K. said...

"Did you actually buy it?"

Yes I did. It is shipping from Hong Kong today. Until it arrives the question remains; Is it crappy in a good way?

LS said...

Have you tried just to put vaseline on the lens? That might make it crappy too! Or forgetting to remove the lens cap.