Saturday, April 28, 2007

Road To Nowhere

Hola Chicos! Its AREA! Just to clarify everything on the blog, my mom is also known as LS. And I'm AREA...Durrrr

So, I'm 13 years old, live with my mom, brother, 2 cats, and my stepdad. I totally love music and horses. And being myself at all times too! Its awesome that I have a barn across the street from where I live, and I get my riding lessons up there! I also get to learn a lot about taking care of horses, and absolutely anything about them at all! I will post some more pictures when I have time.

I like a great variety of music, it depends on what mood I'm in. All my friends classify most of my music as Punk, Screamo, Rock, Alternative, Oldies, Metal...etc. But sometimes I listen to Pop. Never rap though, that stuff is so pathetic, and I hate all the slang and slur words in it......

I guess I'm not an average girl, but who really knows what average is?

I wish to make a difference in the world and in my life, but I'm not sure how. Maybe with photos, since I totally dig photography, and I think my pictures are pretty kick butt.

At first I thought this family blog was a bad idea, because aren't blogs supposed to be where people write about events or conflicts, and opinions you have? And most of my decisions, my familia are against....So I guess I'm gonna have to watch what I say on here, and not stir up any emotions in the household.



Åke said...

Totally Kewl! ;) Your own blog! (Ok, I'll guess you'll have to share it with aunts and the cats etcetera...)

Mr. Dokey, the one and only.

AREA said...

Ha! Thanks for the comment chico!

Olle said...

Great - I look forward to follow this blog. I already get a lot of photos and letters from you but this will add new aspects for sure!