Sunday, October 14, 2007

Inspiring oasis...-or not?

This is what they think they´re building, an oasis to long for.

You think of nice buildings which melts into a park filled of large trees, away from the citys grey concrete and noise.

But this is what they´re actually building, next to the train station and tracks. Nice thinking!
Oasis..., not my style to say the least.



O.K. said...

To create an oasis,
first cut down the trees... (last picture).

Makes me think of Monty Python's sketch "The architects".

LS said...

Looks like an armpit, not an oasis.

Here in the US, they take old farmland, buld ugly houses on it, and name the streets "Magnolia Way", "Stonebridge Court" and simialr things to make it sound pretty and old when it is the complete opposite.