Monday, October 15, 2007

Snapshot: The roundabout dog Manne

The roundabout dog "Manne". How do I know? The tag on his collar says "Hi, my name is Manne". His home used to be next to this building, but last time I passed he had ran away. Maybe one should put up notes with "Have you seen Manne?" in the neighborhood.



EH said...

A well crafted dog I think. But the leach looks a bit fragile, maybe he chewed it off and followed a nice dog-lady home in another Roundabout.

Maybe the roundabout dogs have meetings and he visited one?!

LS said...

fragile leach - I had such a problem visualize that! A slimy blood-sucking but fragile creature attached to the dog? Then I realized that you talked about a leash :)

O.K. said...

Leaches? No wonder he ran away! But I think the main reason was that he couldn't stand the hideous sight of the school of architecture. Even dogs have limits.

LS said...

I love these dogs - kind of art anarchy!