Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Toys, toys, not only for boys

LA showed me this cool website on Lego.com where you download free software to build your own digital LEGO creation, upload it to a gallery, and you can then order the pieces if you like. I know, they just want to sell more LEGO, but it is quite creative. The great thing is that everybody else can see your designs. I poked around a bit, and there are lots of homemade Lego train designs, including a water tank , UP Northern # 833 (only 442 pieces, $77 to order) and "8-wide 0-6-0 switcher assemble", a streamlined Hudson, etc. But it also looks like you can download the building instructions for free, hear that, EH?


O.K. said...

Downloading Lego Digital Designer.

LS said...

We downloaded it here too last night! I am looing forward to seeing your creations. Espressomaker, festool drill, and a bike all in Lego?

O.K. said...

I was thinking of a weapon's grade uranium refinery, since I am not allowed to use iTunes for that. ;)