Sunday, July 29, 2007


Next time you want to go on a mini-vacation, you could consider one of these:
Sleeps two (?), and even space for a small kitchen, not very rainproof though.We saw this in 2003 at an antique car and air show in Eskilstuna. (Photos by PP.) There are new Mini trailers being sold too, called 'the turtle' and 'the little one' (appropriate names, see for yourself). What do you think, PP, should we get one? AnS has a small one, but it is probably nearly twice the size of this. Actually, a vintage Airstream might be fun, as long as you don't have to stay at terrible commercial and noisy camping grounds on the East Coast of the US. The best movie I know that features an Airstream is "What is Eating Gilbert Grape?". I wish I had a picture of our old Adria from when I grew up, which maybe isn't an antique classic, but still is full of memories. After that we got a POLAR, yellow and brown (yes, this was in the late 70's!).

PS. Just be careful with a caravan (husvagn), so this doesn't happen to you.