Monday, July 9, 2007

As seen on TV

There has been a recent mauling attack by a black bear in the US, and they had a news story about this on CNN. What I saw in the hotel lobby was a large picture of a black bear and under it this text:
Don't stay in clothes you cooked in
Drink lots of fluids

That sounded really funny to me - are you cooking food in clothes? A shirt pot anyone? I get the general idea that the food smell sticks to the clothes, but what are you supposed to do with the clothes - hang them in the tree with the food? Then they will smell even more like food, so then you can't wear them until they are washed. Do you have to have two changes of clothes, so you change 3 times a day everytime you cook? Any ideas what they meant? And how does drinking lots of fluids help against bear attacks. I would be scared of bears too, but I am not sure these headlines help.


Stacey Renee said...

I found your blog to be very funny, good sense of humor, and interesting. I do not know any Swedes personally, but you seem to represent them well! =] You are welcome to visit my blogs. I am always looking for new-comers to leave comments, which encourages me to write more! Much success to you in all your endeavors!


Stacey Renee said...

Oh, sorry. I meant to comment on this post.. about the bear and the sign. I find that hilarious. I think the "drink more fluids" part is to keep your body hydrated so that you would have more energy to run away from the bear, fight back, scream, etc. Or, it could be that there would be more fluids so that when you pee on yourself, you really soak yourself, thus cooling you off from the summer heat, as you're running frantically for your life!

O.K. said...

"Gamla kläder... Smakar ungefär som pyttipanna" (Sällskapsresan) :D

O.K. said...

Or maybe they mean "Be one with nature, hike the nude!". It makes the digestion easier for the bears too. ;)

LS said...

Naked Chef, anyone?

This reminds me of this story we heard when we were in Brattleboro, Vermont. Some teenagers/hippies had found out that there is nothing in the local law that prevents them from being nude in the street, so a group of people started to do this last summer. It attracted lots of attention in the media, all over the world. Mainly naked men, not many women, apparently. They woiuld sit outside stores, talk and play music, and hang out in parking lots. The police couldn't do anything, and they were just waiting for the weather to get colder and they would disappear. When we were there in June, no nudes appeared, but the people in town were bracing for a new wave of nude people. One comment we heard was "it is OK if there are some young fresh bodies, but some of the people were fat men in their 50s with very white butts". Not really what you want to see out the window when you have dinner at a nice restaurant. Out in the forest - who cares? Oh, maybe the bears care, that's right! Also, doesn't food smells also get stuck in your hair? Maybe you should shave your head before you hike too?