Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sweden's seven wonders (vote!)

Now Sweden has decided they also need 7 wonders, since they didn't get any in the global election. So Aftonbladet (of course) has a new election among 30 candidates, vote here.

Here are the possible ones (in translation)
Kirunagruvan (Kiruna mine)
Globen (The GLobe, a modern arena shaped like a big white ball)
Ale Stenar (viking age, big raised stones in the shape of a ship in Skane)
Öresundsbron (the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, long, modern)
Visby ringmur (the city wall of Visby, probably 800 years old and medieval looking)
Läckö slott (a castle)
Drottningholm (another castle, this one is where the king and queen lives, and not pretty)
Högakustenbron (very high bridge in Norrland)
Kalmar slott (Kalmar castle, 500 year old I think)
Uppsala domkyrka (Uppsala cathedral)
Inlandsbanan (railroad, partly defunct that runs along half of northern Sweden; PP this is your choice!)
E4 (Europe road E4, a highway - why is this on this list!!!???)
Ölandsbron (the bridge to Oland, very long)
Varbergs fästning (Varbergs castle and fort, huge stonewalls and old)
Vadstena kloster (Vadstena cloister, still functioning as one)
Göta kanal (Gota canal traversing Sweden, another obvious PP choice)
Rökstenen (A famous rune stone covered all over with runes)
Feskekörka (Ahhhh, the fish market in Gothenburg, I love it!)
Varnhems klosterkyrka (Varnhems closter church, and ruins)
Skara domkyrka (Skara cathedral)
Trollhätte kanal (Trollhatte canal and locks, PP, do you remember when we were there and visited Albert's kitchen, the best meal of my life?)
Turning Torso (No idea, probably a sculpture, ask O.K.)
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna (Culture house in Ytterjarna, no idea why, but I have a hunch this is about 'antroposoferna')
Habo kyrka (Habo church)
Kaknästornet (Kaknas tower in Stockholm, ugly as hell)
Lunds domkyrka (Lunds cathedral)
Stockholms stadion (Stockholm stadium, built for the Olympic games in 1912)
Karlsborgs fästning (Karlsborgs fort)
Regalskeppet Vasa (Wasa ship)

OK, I am not voting for anything religious, unless it is medieval. Let the best place win!


LS said...

OOPs, I missed the Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi. That is certainly modern, and wondrous.

O.K. said...

What a weird selection of candidates!

Turning Torso is a building in Malmö.

O.K. said...

I wonder what they have been smoking at aftonbladet to come up with those candidates. Makes Sweden look boring! I could only vote for four, not seven "wonders".

LS said...

And the winners are:
1. Gota Kanal (see PP, Swedes have some sense!)
2. Visby Ringmur
3. Regalskeppet Vasa
4. Ishotellet i Jukkasjarvi
5. Turning Torso
6. Oresundsbron
7. Globen

Since I voted for 1, 2, 3, and 4, I am happy! I also found out you could click ont he submit button many times, so I think I voted at least 10 times for my selection.

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