Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Come together, Europeans!

Greetings from the old world.
In their infinite wisdom the european union has produced a couple of videos to inform about and popularize EU among its citizens. This is one of them.

Best comment yet, from a member of the british parliament:
"I suppose this film is appropriate. The EU has been screwing Britain for the past 30 years.“

So, how are you in the new world going to top this? Maybe Dubya can tap dance in lingerie for gay rights?

(Listening to while posting: Meshuggah - sublevels)


LS said...

Now THIS movie would not be shown on regular TV in America ;)

Kids (AREA and LA), you can do things like this later in life, NOT NOW, get it!?

I am just waiting for the next battlecry from the EU parliament - more love for the people, right?

LS said...

PP tells me to tell this: "I don't like it. it is stupid. Besides people that are intelligent won't watch TV where this ad is shown."

I can imagine mom and dad trying to explain to 5-year old Nina what is going on in this movie.

O.K. said...

Of course it can't be smart and efficient propaganda. Remember, it's a product of the european union...

I don't think they air them on tv, only through their youtube account called eutube.

LS said...

Eutube sounds like something that ahs to do with ear infections.