Friday, July 6, 2007

Chinese made soup out of dinosaur bones

Imagine eating a soup of a something that is more than 65 million years old. You can read more here (AP story) or here (in Swedish from DN).

(this was found by O.K., but I am posting it)


O.K. said...

Imagine the grit between the teeth you'd get. Ugh.

LS said...

I think it is kind of weird to know that you have eaten something that old.

O.K. said...

Since it is petrified bones, it can be debated if you really are eating a dinosaur. Or have I gotten it wrong?

I can go outside right now and get a few rocks of gneiss/granite that is almost 2 billon years old and grind them into a powder. Must be about 20 times better than the dinosaur, right? :) Could be worth a try to sell that on Ebay, since you can sell toast with "Virgin Mary" on them...

At Franklin Institute they exhibit an meteorite that you can touch, older than the earth. I don't remember how old it was, maybe PP can tell?

LS said...

Question - how old are atoms? Isn't all atoms really, really old, so anything we eat and breath and drink is really, really old? Except for plutonium and such that break down into other elements.

Yes. fossils like this are petrified, but I am sure some of the calcium in the bones are the same calcium that the animal had in it. Right? Same with plant fossils, they are petrified or oilified but the carbon in the leaves are the coal and oil we dig up now. So it is the same atoms, right?

Why don't you try it - sell a little vial of 2 billion old sand on ebay and see if you get any bidders! You never know! I think this would be a great test to do, if nothing else to see how much people know about nature.

O.K. said...

About the atoms and such: Don't tell the vegetarians! With the inevitable diffusion going on everything we eat have most likely been part of an animal at some time. And the the date-markings of the food in the stores is misleading too.

"How old are these tomatoes?"
"About 4.5 billion years."


"Why don't you try it - sell a little vial of 2 billion old sand on ebay and see if you get any bidders!"

I'm not that evil! Well, it depends on the price, hehe... Probably a very small vial in an exclusive box renders the highest price.

LS said...

Now why would that be evil? How is that more evil than selling herb capsules that don't work, Barbie dolls of mysterious origins, or an old piece of French toast? Would hte buyers be victims and you the offender? Shouldn't they now better? Or maybe they REALLY REALLY want some old sand, right? Shouldn't they be allowed to buy what they want? Isn't this a market economy after all? :) (wink, wink)

O.K. said...

"There's a sucker born every minute."

O.K. said...

The meteorite at Franklin Institute is five billion years old. How do you date them?