Saturday, July 21, 2007

New swedish word on Google

When googling for "borgarvälling" ("gruel de bourgeois", referring to caffe latte), there is one (!) hit, my post about the nice label of the Bella espresso. I'm unique, just like everyone else! ;)



LS said...

O.K., we always new you were unique. And now you will be the source of a completely new word!!!! COngratulations! Have you notified the Swedish Akademy yet? You better add it as a keyword/label here on our blog too, so it gets more frequent use. I like caffe latte by the way, except cappuccino is better.

LS said...

(Where is that edit button for comments! KNEW, not NEW. Kids, please forgive your mom for her spelling sins.

Also I noted the Russian spelling of Academy/Akademi - tala om konfysa stavningar.)

O.K. said...

"Where is that edit button for comments!"

As I said, I'll look into that any month now. ;) Le tour takes my spare time at the moment. Great, exciting stage today!

LS said...

Figure out how to include thumbnails for photos in the comments too :)

O.K. said...

One thing at a time... :)