Monday, July 23, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Husqvarna moped

An old fashioned Husqvarna moped from the 50s! Note how 'bike-like' it is, so selected today to aid the bikers in Tour de France that needs some extra help getting up the mountains. I bet they wished they had this little machine to help them out.

My friend KV's dad got an original 1960s Husqvarna for his birthday present a few years ago, very similar to this model, and lovely red and running smooth like a lathe!

Husqvarna is named after the town where the company started, Huskvarna in southern Sweden, and here in the USA they are famous for their chainsaws (which includes the brand Jonsered, another Swedish town name), motorcycles, sewing machines, and lawn mowers. They also sell or sold fridges, washing machines, cast iron stoves, and bicycles under this name. Wikipedia says these are all different companies that are related to the old royal weapon factory started 1680 in Huskvarna. This month Husqvarna motorcycles were bought by BMW, but the chainsaw company is still 100% Swedish.

The logo is an H as seen through a gun barrell and a sight - I never knew that until today! That of course comes from the old weapon factory. If you want to check out the historical timeline, it is here.


O.K. said...

My Husqvarna sewing machine from 1957(?) actually says "Made by Husqvarna weapon factory". That explains why it is built like a tank.

LS said...

Is that the one from 'Moster W"? I used to have that, with a knee-driving thing that works great! Now I have a plastic one from the 70s.

O.K. said...

Yes, that's the one. Controlling the speed with the knee-lever works well, and makes it very fast to set up. No cables that needs to be untangled.

The clutch is a little worn, and it lacks three step zig-zag, otherwise it is great. And beautifully green.