Friday, July 20, 2007

To all lurkers:

We know you are here, you read this blog and think and feel and eat and breathe, but you don't comment. We know who you are (at least some of you) and we just want you to know that you are VERY welcome to comment on anything. If you don't have a gmail account and want to comment, send us an e-mail (if you know who we are :P ), and we will help you out. What you are doing is called lurking in the blog world. Freedom to all lurkers!

Here is some more about the word lurk, lurker, and lurking... (and don't take offense at the negative connotation, we love all our friends).

From Merriam-Webster's English Dictionary:
Etymology: Middle English; akin to Middle High German luren to lie in wait
1 a : to lie in wait in a place of concealment especially for an evil purpose b : to move furtively or inconspicuously c : to persist in staying
2 a : to be concealed but capable of being discovered; specifically : to constitute a latent threat b: to lie hidden
3 : to read messages on an Internet discussion forum (as a newsgroup or chat room) without contributing

and in Swedish from the Svenska Akademiens Ordbok:
[fsv. lurker, kringstrykare, sv. dial. lurk, lurker, trög människa, tiggare, skälm, slyngel, tölp; jfr ä. d. lyrk, påk, äv. föraktlig, benämning på person, nor. lurk, påk, stor o. klumpig person, tungt föremål, isl. lurkr, tjock käpp färö. lurkur, knölpåk, medelstor torsk; möjl. av ir. lorg, tjock käpp.


Olle said...

If you really what to find out something about who are lurking at your blog you should install Google Analytics. Quite interesting!

Speaking about lurking - I have noticed that there are some visits to my blog from people in US (New Jersey to be precise, two visits last month). I don't recall any comments?

LS said...

Hi Olle,

I like to read your site, and I am not so good about commenting! I commented once at least, but I guess you have som approval process so my comment didn't show up directly. Here anybody can comment and comments show up directly. I'll comment more on your blog!

Olle said...

Yes, I had monitoring of comments switched but that I have changed now. Comments should appear immediately now I hope.

Don't worry - I know that quite a few people look at the blog then and now and that is fine with me. In a way I also write for myself, as a kind of semi-public diary. It is a way to display pictures I like.

AREA said...

Mom, your not helping, your just scaring thme off! -haha-

LS said...

OK, everybody, I didn't mean to be scary, just encouraging.... sorry! Come back, don't go away, we are NICE people. You can lurk forever, we love you anyway always. But my kids are not allowed to lurk!