Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tour de France: Drinkin'

Even if you like me are relaxing in the shade, you still need to think about hydration. (Dry Martini perhaps? Schaken, not schtirred...). Even more so if you ride a bike. Tour de France of the 1920's was no exception.

(Listening to while posting: Trey Gunn - The joy of molybdenum)


LS said...

I bet they didn't have Gatorade (pronounced the French way: Gato-ra-di) back then. Just water and wine mixed together maybe?

Regarding bikes - in Chicago I saw policemen on Segway bikes, that's someting. I have a photo, but can't get it on this computer, so evidence will be posted later. Looked funny to say the least. Can the Segways go faster than policemen can run on foot?

O.K. said...

It depends on the police officer. ;)

My neighbor rides one to work every day. I've tried it but I regard it a little as a gimmick, especially with its (steep) price in mind.

O.K. said...

Gatorade? In those times the potent stuff was still available, like Vin Mariani, predecessor of Coca cola.

LS said...

Potent as in cocaine potent? Coca-Cola used to have that in it. Or maybe it was Suze, still spiked with gentians and still made in France!